The problem with fraudulent honey

Time and time again, honey companies across the world have been manipulating food products for profit. Now it seems it's honey's turn.

The United States has had major issues in the past with honey coming into the market, particularly from China, filled with rice or sugar syrup and sold as 'Runny Honey' or 'Squeezy Honey'. Sometimes even labelled as American Honey. In fact, there is more honey being globally consumed than manufactured by our bees! We use the term 'our bees' as within New Zealand we look to take care of our bees; by not carting them around the country for pollination or feeding them nothing but sugar whilst their honey is taken from them, and implementing sustainable practices to ensure a future of Manuka and a future for our bees. 

The UMFHA commissioned tests in 2012 and 2013 in Britain, China and Singapore. Of 73 samples tested, 41 showed no non-peroxide activity. Separate tests in Hong Kong found that of 55 Manuka honeys sampled, 14 had been adulterated with syrup.

In 2019, right here in New Zealand a man has been prosecuted for attempting to add DHA (used in tanning products) to their honey to sell it off as Manuka. This is a serious offence and the Manager of Evergreen Ltd will face jail time and up to a $500,000 fine. 

As Manuka honey is rare (a normal beehive can make up to 75kg of honey from multi-flora, but a Manuka hive will only make around 25kg) and very limited, especially the higher the concentration of Methylglyoxal (The key ingredient to it's potency, or 'MGO' for short) the rarer it becomes. The price tag that comes with Manuka shows this precious commodity it isn't just 'Runny Honey' therefore imagine spending all that money, just to realize (or worse, not realize) the product you are consuming isn't even real!

Aotearoa is proud to only sell genuine, 100% raw and pure Manuka honey. 

No additives.

No warehousing.

No lengthy transits in a hot container.

No storage for months in a fulfillment center. 

Kosher and GMO Free.

We send from our boutique store in Arrowtown, via DHL air freight straight to your address of choice, assuring quality products arriving at your door.