Bees Brilliance Honey & Propolis Cleanser

Bees Brilliance Honey & Propolis Cleanser

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A golden milky cream formula enriched with New Zealand Propolis to help lift makeup and daily impurities, promoting a radiant complexion without all the dryness.

Gently removes makeup

Replenish moisture

Suitable for dry or sensitive skin types

No Parabens or Sodium Lauryl Sulphates (SLS or SLES)

New Zealand South Island Manuka Honey is well-known internationally for its scientifically-proven skin healing properties. Honey is a fantastic natural humectant, helping draw moisture to the skin, and ideal for keeping the skin soft, supple and smooth.

New Zealand Propolis, a red or brown resin-like substance, collected by the bees from tree buds and bark. Well-known for its anti-microbial benefits to help keep the skin clean and fresh.

New Zealand Bee Pollen Oil, a golden organic oil rich in amino acids, vitamins and minerals to help feed the skin and encourage rejuvenation.