Bees Brilliance Instant Hydra Firming Shot

Bees Brilliance Instant Hydra Firming Shot

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Bees Brilliance Instant Hydra Firming Shot is a multi-functional daily moisturiser containing the latest natural ingredients proven to encourage optimal hydration levels by attracting and sealing in moisture throughout the day. The lightweight gel cream with a fresh citrus scent helps to soften, smooth and minimise signs of dull tired skin, so your skin feels energised and recharged.

Key Ingredients

Manuka Honey is one of natures best humectants, helping draw moisture to the skin and keeping the skin hydrated.

Aquaxyl is  a natural derivative of two plant sugars, Glucose and Xylitol, proven to help increase water retention by improving the skins natural ability to retain water.

Prolevis helps to instantly smooth visible surface wrinkles and imperfections.

L22, a patented blend of botanically sourced lipids developed to deliver the skin surface lipid profile of a healthy 22-year-old, helping promote a naturally healthy complexion.

Tips and tricks to use our hygienic* airless pump bottle:

Shake it upside down 10-15 times on the palm of your hand.

 Store the bottle upside down:

this pushes the product up to the top of the bottle.

 Insert a paperclip through one of the holes in the bottom of the bottle:

this allows the product to be pushed up for easier use.

*no risk of bacterial contamination!